By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you consent to the Issuer and the Promoter collecting, using and disclosing your Personal Information as explained in this privacy notice.

If you do not agree to that, then we cannot make the Card available to you and you should not sign the back of, oruse, the Card.

You may be required to provide Personal Information to the retailer or manufacturer of the Product (including evidenceof identity).  The Issuer and the Promoter may receive any or all of this information from the retailer or manufacturer.

The Issuer and the Promoter will also collect Personal Information about you when:

  • You contact the Issuer or the Promoter (includingwhen you use Customer Assistance or the IVR Number); or
  • you use the Card for transactions and balanceenquiries.
  • The Issuer and the Promoter may disclose yourPersonal Information to third parties:
  • who are service providers or contractors of theIssuer or the Promoter;
  • to facilitate the operation of the Card and thecompletion and settlement of transactions using the Card;
  • to administer and monitor the contractualrelationship between you and the Issuer governed by the Terms and Conditions;
  • for anti-money laundering, counter-terrorismfinancing, detection of crime, legal compliance and fraud prevention purposes;
  • in connection with a transfer or proposed transferby the Issuer of the agreement between you and the Issuer governed by the Termsand Conditions; and
  • when required or allowed by law.

When our Personal Information is sharedwith service providers or contractors, it will only be to the extent reasonably necessary for the purpose of the services they are contracted to provide.

Your Personal Information will be processed outside Australia but all service providers and contractors outside Australia will be required to have adequate safeguards in place to protect your Personal Information.

The Issuer and the Promoter willcontinue to keep such of your Personal Information as is reasonably necessary, for the purposes mentioned above, after the expiry of the Card.

You are entitled to ask the Issuer orthe Promoter to supply you with any Personal Information that they hold about you. You must submit your request in writing. The Issuer and the Promoter will delete any incorrect information or correct any errors in any of your Personal Information that come to their notice.

To aid in the provision of the services governed by the Terms and Conditions and in the interests of security and tohelp the Issuer and the Promoter maintain and to improve their level ofservice, telephone calls (including calls to Customer Assistance or the IVR Number) may be recorded or monitored.

Privacy Statement